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About Us

Disrupting colonial structures and systems in higher education

We are emerging scholars, researchers and educators propelling decolonial pedagogy as global education. The Decolonial Hub is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the peoples from lands colonized by euro-western settlements and knowledge systems by enriching learning environments with the perspectives and practices of the global majority: the Indigenous of Turtle Island, the African Diaspora, voices from the Global South, East, West and South Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. We define decolonial pedagogy as plural, accessible, multilingual, collaborative, student-centred educational approaches connected to lands and address colonial patterns and decolonial futures. 


To increase the representation, experiences, opportunities, and knowledgebase of marginalized people within academia and train the next generation to solve social problems.


We envision academic spaces where knowledge is universal, non-hierarchal, student-centred, produced in collaboration with and adapts to the evolving needs of all communities.


  • Insights from the HUB Community

  • Horizontal co-creation

  • Action-oriented education

  • Anti-colonial teaching & learning methods




The First Event

The event's multidisciplinary, cross-departmental, and cross-university turnout illuminated a shared sentiment for a mobile space to grow as critically conscious scholars and social actors. 

Student Internship Program

Marginalized students from cross disciplines were invited to work on projects aligned with their careers and advocacy.


Awarded multi-year funding

Our partnership with Concordia University's SHIFT Centre for Transformation is instrumental in supporting this internship expansion, program design, governance and grass-roots collaborations.

The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project 

Members of the Hub collaborated with strategic partners to create an Anti-Racist Pedagogy video library. The project showcases pre-recorded talks by local community activists, students and educators in Montreal and Canada and transforms them into resources for the classroom.

 Educational Workshops

We work with departments, centres and administrative groups to deliver departmental workshops using our non-hierarchal methodology, and we offer events throughout the year that include syllabus deconstruction and ARTivism.

Decolonial Chats

In collaboration with Best Concordia, our Podcast is a facilitated space to engage students and educators in discussion on topics related to decolonial education. It serves as a platform to make educational practices accessible beyond the classroom.


Community Projects

We work with community organizations with shared values to co-create programs that contribute to the marginalized student experience and foster new teaching and learning methodologies.

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Hub in the Academy

Our research unit shares the Hub methodology in academic spaces. 


  • Invited conference speakers at CEIS 2022 and ASHE 2022

  • Accepted peer-reviewed book chapter in the Springer Nature Handbook Equity-Oriented STEM Education Research

  • Accepted peer-reviewed book chapter in Bloomsbury Handbook on Educational Leadership in Higher Education.

  • Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project Pilot Study 

HUB Research Project

Decolonizing on Campus: An Analysis of Decolonizing Efforts at McGill and Concordia University. 

The Decolonial Hub is formed

A few graduate students at Concordia University sought space to center marginalized knowledge and explore decolonial education to lessen their isolation as students of colour.

Registered Non-Profit Status

The Decolonial Perspectives & Practices Hub becomes a Federally Incorporated Non-Profit organization that also operates under The Ivory: Creative Research &  Learning House.

Meet The Team


The HUB is a fluid space that is shaped by the efforts and time given by passionate people. We are grateful for their many contributions!

Samia Dumais, Chesline Pierre-Paul, Connie Phung, Hone Mandefro, Tallie Segel, Angy Cohen, Felicia Da Conceicao, Fariba Almasi, Albane Gaudissart, Sandra Mouafo

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