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Learning Spaces

We host various events to bring together students, faculty and community organizers to collaborate, deepen knowledge, and learn from each other. We offer events in multiple mediums, such as casual gatherings, conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops. Our events are focused on a decolonial approach to research and education and provide a platform for people of all backgrounds to engage in meaningful dialogue.

No upcoming events at the moment
Decolonial Chats Podcast


The HUB podcasts are another space for us to unpack leading strategies with thinkers of decolonial pedagogy. Each episode will engage with a theme covered during our events, includes inspiring guest speakers, and discusses new and emerging approaches and projects spearheading change. We look forward to generating knowledge in a way that is interactive and accessible to members in and outside the academy and propelling digital advocacy.

Check out our Decolonial Chat series

You can also listen on Soundcloud, Best Concordia and Anchor.


If you are interested in joining the discussion, contact us!

Recorded Events