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Hub in the Academy

Our research is focused on creating innovative, liberatory, and decolonizing approaches to education and research, and we are committed to creating a space for the production of new knowledge grounded in Intersectional feminist, anti-colonial and anti-racism frameworks.


We believe in the power of collective knowledge production to create meaningful and lasting social change. We strive to create an open and inclusive space for research and education that centres the voices of those most impacted by colonial systems of oppression.


Through our research, we work to build bridges between academic and grassroots communities and foster dialogue and collaboration between academics and activists. Our goal is to make research and education accessible to everyone so that we may all contribute to the collective liberation of our societies. We are also dedicated to disseminating our findings to influence policy, practice, and public discourse.


Beyond Equity: A Case of Student-led Activism in a Canadian (Quebec) University
Bloomsbury Handbook on Educational Leadership in Higher Education
Book Chapter
Addressing Decoloniality through Biases in STEM: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue
2022 Springer Nature Handbook
Book Chapter

Academic Conferences

The Association for Higher Education (ASHE)
Invited Panelist
2022 Comparative International Education Society Conference (CIES)
Invited Panel and Workshop
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