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Hub in the Community

Our organization partners with grassroots organizations to propel our collective mission to bring awareness, a sense of belonging and support to those in underserved communities. We strive to bridge the gap between the educational system and the real world by providing professional development, student experiences for underprivileged students, and knowledge production opportunities to give voice to those that need it. Our mission is to create a more equitable and just society.

Elder Oral Histories

In collaboration with the West Island Black Community Association

The Decolonial Hub has partnered with the West Island Black Community Association to create a video capsule on Black Canadian resilience from the stories of the founding elders of WIBCA. The video capsule showcases how we can learn about black resilience, hope and community building from the founding elders and how the black youth continue

their legacy.

Learn about WIBCA:

Youth Power Lunches

In collaboration with Hoodstock

We are inviting Francophone Black and Brown entrepreneurs and artists to mentor youth from Montreal North in a new program we are creating with Hoodstock on Art and Leadership for racialized youth, called Power Lunches. In this session, we desire to revitalize the process of providing youth with professional and career development by creating a session that shows the many applications of art to the real world grounded in art, self-love and empowerment propelling youth to realize their innovative and creative capacities to be leaders in their future fields, flourish in their academics and strive for social change.

Learn about HOODSTOCK:

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