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College Students

Internship program


Our internship provides an alternative space for marginalized students to gain leadership and professional development. We offer training for interns from different disciplines to gain hands-on experience applying their field in real-world contexts ethically.

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Professional Development

We provide students with an inclusive environment where their lived experiences are valued and incorporated into their professional training plan.  In the program our students learn how to apply their academic training to propel equity in the academy and the workplace. 


We have diverse internship positions in research, multimedia management, event coordination, film production, community outreach and office administration. Additionally, in the spirit of decolonial co-creation, our program distinctly tailors internship roles to the applicants' experience and aspirations. We offer multiple positions throughout the school year that include paid, credit and volunteer opportunities.


Join us in our efforts toward just education


Dandelion Parachute Seed

The work I have been assigned and my position at the Hub are amazing, I love what I do and who I am doing it for. It has truly changed my life in multiple ways, from challenging my existing knowledge to extending my design skillset. The DPP Hub is the place to be!


My role at the hub establishes visual identity in many aspects by being the messenger and transforming ideas into design and graphics to welcome more people and grow communities all around Montreal.

Dandelion Leaves

The things that I most like from participating in the ARPP was the learning experience, getting more immerse in anti-racism and decoloniality concepts and practices. Also, having the opportunity to work with an amazing team, everyone brought to the table different perspectives, knowledge, and ways to work.

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Let's Work Together

Submit your resume along with a cover letter detailing your interest in social justice work. 

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