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Image by NordWood Themes

ARTivism is an informal space to unpack, discuss and explore ART & ACTIVISM from bright, inspiring artists and activists that we celebrate as artivists from Montreal/Tiohtià:ke territory! We broadcast our sessions LIVE on facebook every few months hosted by our artivist coordinator Sandra Mouafo, and co-organized with Rania Salawadah, Ray Resvick and Barbara Saldana.

Some of the artivists that we have featured include: Maria Mariano, Diane Young, Esther Calixte-Bea, Kezna Dalz, Dorothy Mombrun, Hilary Etomo.


"Our work, what we are doing is putting the beauty of blackness out there, challenging the Canadian Eurocentric narratives and violent views." Kezna Dalz

"Colonization stripped a lot from us; decolonizing beauty is going back and recognizing that I am beautiful, and dismantling the idea of beauty, going back to my culture…" Esther Calixte-Bea

"I see myself as a journalist activist in many ways. Being a racialized person forces me into activism everyday of my life." Diane Yeung

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