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Decolonial Chats

The HUB podcasts are another space for us to unpack leading strategies and thinkers of decolonial pedagogy alongside the Decolonial Hub. Each episode will engage with a) themes covered in DPPH events with members from the audience, b) inspiring guest speakers, and c) new and emerging approaches and projects that are spearheading change. With this podcast, the DPPH looks forward to generating knowledge in a way that is interactive and accessible to members in and outside the academy and to take advantage of these precarious times by propelling advocacy digitally. Listeners can also expect to hear from the voices of our guest speakers, such as Napatsi Folger (Master’s student in Fine Arts at UBC), Matthias Mushinski (PhD student in Film Studies at Concordia), Prakash Krishnan (Master’s student in Media Studies at Concordia), and many more!

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