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Educational Workshops

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At the HUB, we offer departmental workshops as a service for Universities that desire a holistic approach to restructuring their learning environments, collegial relations and curricula. With our multidisciplinary team of educators and emerging practitioners we developed a three-part workshop series with students and faculty to unpack the unique colonial patterns, and present day acts of exclusion from the interpersonal to structural level. Using our unique methodology we help participants reflect and develop accountabilities for integrating decolonial perspectives and practices into the culture and content of the classroom.

Subscribe below to join us at our signature Syllabus Deconstruction workshops to experience how we interrogate the syllabus, in real-time, as a tangible step to reconstructing and recreating what knowledge can and should look like.


"It was just amazing to get us all together. I was struck by how much reluctance I felt the system to group share. I think that it was ok to be slow with this.. it was our first! We just opened the jar ever so slightly to discomfort. I think that is what this group needed. Thank you so much you were all so great!"

"I should put more power in the hands of the students, while paying attention to "identities", and feel, perhaps, less "unqualified" to introduce more material that reflects diversity (since it seems that many of us have this hesitation & we have our students to help)."

"anticipate difficult conversations and build (with the students) frameworks for how conversations should proceed. This can be done ahead of time, and perhaps multiple times (as a check in) throughout the course. Be willing to be vulnerable, acknowledge feelings, and make mistakes (and then admit them). Front load QTBIPOC voices, and not only when discussing "traumatic" events. Explicitly construct courses to be antiracist and decolonializing (this might, actually, entail some program revisions and new courses. Add and stir will not work. Rethinking courses is required in some cases)"

"That decolonization can't happen at once, it's an on-going commitment"

"Keep it up. The efforts need to reach faculty, students, and upper admin. It's exposure to the kind of work you are doing that will make the change"

We run workshops during the fall and winter semesters. Contact for more details and to reserve a your series for the upcoming semester.

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