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The HUB Toolkit encapsulates strategies to navigate the learning environment and student and prof relationship within the classroom with a social justice ethic. The insights within the toolkit are drawn from the multidisciplinary discussions and reflections with the HUB community, made up of students, faculty and staff, during our events, workshops and other activities.

In the spirit of decoloniality, our toolkit celebrates collective, and anecdotal interventions as valuable knowledge to pluralize the academy. Our model challenges the traditional hierchacal , exclusionary and linear approach to teaching and learning. Importantly, we privilege for centering the representations, voices and experiences of people within the margins.

Our toolkit is an living artifact that is shaped by the people and communities we collaborate with. The toolkit is not designed to provide easy solutions. Rather, our goal is to spark further reflections and accountabilities. We conceive the HUB toolkit as a seed rooted in our knowledge exchange with you. We encourage feedback to help grow our methodology.

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