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Student Leaders

We proudly recognize the value and impact of student leadership, past and present. Our projects and research are led through student collaboration and coalition building, allowing us to prioritize students' lived experiences, primarily from underserved communities. Through this, we can ensure that those most impacted by our research and education initiatives are active agents in creating and leading institutional change. 

Dr Hadjara Sidibé

PhD Neuroscience

Rania Salawdah

BA Film Studies

Panos Michalakopoulos

Bachelor of Commerce

Ezgi Ozyonum

PhD Education

Ray Resvick

BA Film Studies

Albane Gaudissart

PhD Anthropology

Jamilah Dei-Sharpe

PhD Sociology

Rebeccah Redden

MA Film Studies

Barbara Saldana Jimenez

BA Women's Studies

Miriam Kagan

BA Psychology

Hanine El Mir

MA Anthropology

Sandra Mouafo

BA Sociology

Additional thanks to the following student contributors

Meron Asefa, Samia Dumais, Chesline Pierre-Paul, Connie Phung, Hone Mandefro, Tallie Segel, Angy Cohen, Felicia Da Conceicao, Fariba Almasi

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