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Reimagining education since 2019

Welcome to our community platform of resources on decolonizing education.  Explore our public anti-racism video library, events, publications, podcasts, and community projects that showcase the power of student leadership, unlearning, and the diversity of marginalized experiences. 

What is decolonizing education?

At the HUB, we define decolonizing education as an ongoing process to transform educational approaches that address colonial patterns. At the same time, it simultaneously evokes the reimagining of futures that are plural, accessible, inclusive, multilingual, diverse, collaborative with students, global and connected to lands. We propel decolonial pedagogy as global education – privileging the peoples from lands that have been colonized by euro-western settlements and knowledge systems, including the Indigenous of Turtle Island, the African Diaspora, voices from the Global South: East, West and South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


At the Hub, we believe that decolonization is not a metaphor. All efforts to interrupt colonial logic must address the structures and systems that accompany colonial logic. To address structural inequalities, we ground our work in mobilizing our community to take action - learning from each other on how to transform perceptions and interact with environments sustainably, ethically and respectfully. We believe that decolonization work is the responsibility of all.

Our Projects & Values

Elders and youth from the West Island Black Association pose for a picture

The Hub is a vibrant community for engaging in the work of decolonization, intersectionality, and mindfulness. Our hub is dedicated to helping individuals and groups build on decolonial principles to strive for equitable, meaningful and transformative practices.


Oral Histories

Storytelling is at the core of our work as a practical decolonial approach to exploring our shared past and present while regenerating collective futures. We push this agenda by centering community knowledge and elder histories as critical educational tools.


Anti-Racism Education

We are dedicated to antiracism education as a means to decolonize knowledge. Our video library and course packages are designed to integrate lived experiences on combatting systemic racism into the classroom.


Community Knowledge

We believe that the community drives knowledge. Our events bring students, faculty, staff and community organizers into dialogue to unlearn and co-create educational practices that celebrate Indigenous, Black and marginalized knowledge.


Youth Empowerment

Through our student internships and youth mentorship program, we are dedicated to breaking barriers that impact educational progress and empower the next generation to tackle social justice issues.

Sponsors & Collaborators

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