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Creative Learning


Planting new approaches to knowledge

Discover the power of knowledge and collaboration at The Decolonial Perspectives & Practices Hub. We are a Not for Profit Research and Learning House devoted to exploring the intersection of research and practice. We take an approach that centers student leadership and marginalized experiences, aiming to reimagine education in an equitable and accessible way. Come and join our journey to reimagine education!

Growing Just Education Together

The Decolonial Perspectives & Practices Hub focuses on fostering inclusive and equitable education through collective action. We provide a range of educational programs, research projects and initiatives to support members of our community in creating meaningful and sustainable change.

African American woman with raised fist participating in black civil rights demonstrations

Our mission is to provide anti-racist education and facilitate dialogue by sharing stories, resources, and perspectives from marginalized communities.



La Sorbonne

We create equitable research and learning spaces that challenges traditional academic assumptions and inspires new ways of engaging with the curriculum.



We are advancing a decolonial agenda of learning, knowledge production, and community action. Through connecting the work of grass roots organizations to improve learning tools in academic spaces.

We create spaces for meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing amongst diverse actors. We offer a platform through multiple mediums to further explore decolonization and its implications on current social and academic practices.



Join the Movement

The HUB is a community of researchers, educators, and students dedicated to advancing equitable education and research. By joining our community, you will gain exclusive updates and collaborative opportunities to help us reach our mission. Our community provides a platform to share resources, build relationships, and grow our collective impact. We invite you to join us and join our mission to create more equitable education and research.

Upcoming events

A community learning from one another

We proudly host events to bring together our diverse network of over 800 students, faculty and community organizers from over 15 disciplines and dozens of cultures. Our events are an excellent opportunity to build meaningful relationships and contribute to the collective knowledge of our organization.

No upcoming events at the moment

Sponsors & Collaborators

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