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Our Work

Merging community & the academy

The Decolonial Perspectives & Practices Hub is dedicated to challenging oppressive systems and perpetuating decolonial principles. We are committed to creating projects that highlight the experience of community members and can be translated into meaningful educational tools to promote cultural understanding and solidarity.

Elder Video Capsule

In collaboration with WIBCA

​The Decolonial Hub has partnered with the West Island Black Community Association to create a video capsule on Black Canadian resilience from the stories of the founding elders of WIBCA. The video capsule showcases how we can learn about black resilience, hope and community building from the founding elders and how the black youth continue their legacy.

Youth Power Lunches

In collaboration with Hoodstock

At our Youth Power Lunches, we invite Francophone Black and Brown artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their career tips and talents to youth at secondary schools in Montreal, Nord. Our interactive events introduce disadvantaged youth to career, education and self-empowerment possibilities. We intend to continue bridging the gap between the academy and the community and breaking the barriers that impede underserved student success.

Anti-Racism Pedagogy Project

Students from marginalized communities came together to create a video library and course packages to help deepen understanding of anti-racism frameworks, strategies, and practices. The platform is a video library that showcases pre-recorded talks by local community activists, students and educators in Montreal and Canada and transforms them into anti-racism educational resources for the classroom.

Decolonial Chats

Decolonial Chats

The HUB podcasts are another space for us to unpack leading strategies with thinkers of decolonial pedagogy. Each episode will engage with a theme covered during our events, includes inspiring guest speakers, and discusses new and emerging approaches and projects spearheading change. We look forward to generating knowledge in a way that is interactive and accessible to members in and outside the academy and propelling digital advocacy.

Check out our Decolonial Chat series

You can also listen on Soundcloud, Best Concordia and Anchor.

Syllabus Deconstruction

Our syllabus deconstruction events provide a supportive platform for university community members to gather, unlearn, and reconstruct syllabi by recognizing and deconstructing oppressive narratives. Our events facilitate dialogue among faculty, students, and administrators to challenge the status quo and create anti-oppressive academic environments.

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